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Arthur William Berry

Rank: Gunner

Lifetime: 1883-1918

Reference: 67850


The obituary of Gunner Arthur William Berry in The Surrey Comet dated 19 October 1918

Gunner Arthur William Berry of the Royal Garrison Artillery (Siege Battery) was killed by a bomb on 25 September 1918. He is buried at Bertincourt Chateau British Cemetery.

According to his obituary in The Surrey Comet dated 19 October 1918, he was a prominent and well known member of the Hampton Court Palace Gardens staff. He had charge of many of the beds and borders for which the gardens are famous. He is described as being “of a genial and kindly disposition”.

His battery was hit whilst it was being moved into a new position. The bomb which killed Gunner Berry also killed 18 other men. Gunner Berry lived at 49, Hurst Lane, East Molesey where he left a widow, Jane Berry, and “several little children”.

Gunner Berry is not commemorated on the Hampton Wick war Memorial because he lived outside the village but is included on this Online War Memorial as he worked within the Parish of Hampton Wick which includes the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

The first phase of this Project is to gather information about the men commemorated on the Hampton Wick War Memorial who fought in the Great War, also known as World War I, WWI or the First World War.

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